Digital Business Cards: Better for Networking & Environment

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Use Popl to Build Your Network

Business cards have been in use since the 17th century, and throughout the following centuries, they have transformed in function and presentation. However, one trait that has not changed is the material they are made of. 

Paper business cards present various economic and environmental dilemmas; they are expensive, inconvenient, more often thrown away than kept, and unsustainable.

It’s high time for an update.

A digital business card is an eco-friendly alternative that eliminates the issues paper cards create. Popl makes it easy to design your first digital card, expand your network, and build a personal brand. 

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What is a Popl? It’s a digital business card!

Featured on Forbes, TikTok, Cheddar, and UCLA, Popl enables you to create and share your digital business card by tapping your smartphone to another’s. Even if the other person doesn’t have the Popl app, your card will be transferred in seconds. This solution offers several advantages over paper cards, three of which are listed below. 

Long-Term Investment – When you buy Popl once, you will never have to repurchase it. Paper business cards require regular updates and replenishments; a digital card will never run out. Update your card at any time as often as you want at no additional cost, and never worry about pitching outdated designs to print new ones. 

Easy to Carry – A digital card frees up space in your wallet and gives you unlimited freedom to store as much information on it as you want. Add information about past work, awards, certifications, and more, almost like a mini resume or personal bio. This also eliminates the need to remember your business cards every time you walk out the door; the only time you’ll forget your digital card is when you forget your phone, which is never. 

Environmentally-Friendly – When you use a digital business card, you promote a greener planet. Paper cards are more often thrown out than kept, creating unnecessary and expensive trash. Popl reduces your waste and ensures your investment will not be pitched every time you hand out a card.

How to Use Popl

Popl prioritizes ease of use and has listed just three steps to preparing your digital business card:

  1. Download the Popl app
  2. Activate your Popl
  3. Increase your revenue and leads

Once your Popl is activated, you will be guided through the creation process until you are ready to exchange business cards with others. 

Update Your Business Card

Business cards are meant to build your personal brand and create new connections. Paper cards are inconvenient and outdated. Go digital to be friendlier to your goals and the environment. 

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