Must Join Facebook Groups for the Eco-Conscious (Omaha, NE)

Zero Waste Omaha: Created by owner of Exist Green, Leigh Neary brings a group dedicated to reducing Omaha’s waste footprint.


Omaha Plant Swap: If you are dividing our your plants and would like to share or swap for something else, this is the place to be. No selling!

Omaha Houseplant Lovers: Connect with houseplant lovers in the Omaha metro area. This is not a sell or swap plant group that welcomes real advice, but also welcomes sarcasm. “We don’t always have to be so serious!”

Omaha Houseplant BST: “Plant people are the best people.” Become apart of this “BST” group for buy, selling, and trading house plants and related items (Pots, hangers, etc.) This is a group dedicated to getting to know each other and creating a plant loving community.

Omaha Plant and Veggie Buy Sell & Trade: Buy, Sell, Trade (and build community) in Omaha’s first buy, sell, trade site for all types things planting in this green thumb group.

Omaha Houseplant Leaning to the Left: “This is a safe space for Omahans to discuss, swap, and share houseplants while also working to dismantle the current systems of bigotry in our society”.


Plant-Based Omaha: Share personal and professional plant-based foodie tips and tricks.

Vegan Omaha: Search for the best vegan options available in Omaha.

Good for the Body & Soul:

Omaha Yoga Network:All things yoga! From workshops to events and classes, join in! Namaste’.

Buy Nothing Projects:

You must live in the area of the group.

Buy, Sell & Trade:

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